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Welcome to Twixsoft! We are a team of dedicated data engineers, developers and data scientists that work together to help companies solve a plethora of issues with help from the use of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and machine learning.

What we are focused on is to provide commercial and federal customers with the ultimate set of end to end AI solutions. Every solution is customized based on customer requirements. Our network of 35+ Ph.D. data scientists, the use of bare metals GPU accelerated cloud and a powerful hybrid industrial grade infrastructure power our business and we can help you solve any problems and challenges with the help of AI and quantum computing in no time.

Our team has multiple core competencies and we work very hard to provide all these features to every customer. We can provide deep learning, neural network, machine learning AI and convolutional neural network services and support to every customer on the market.

On top of that, we are also specialized in face recognition, data labeling, big data, data mining, data science, satellite and aerial image classification as well as FPGA and object recognition and counting. These features are extremely important especially for the government and federal authorities, as well as companies that need to acquire customer data and use it to improve their offers. These are varied, comprehensive services that bring in front resounding results and experiences all the time.

We are also specialized in the cryptocurrency field, with great competencies in the world of AI-driven cybersecurity, blockchain and cybersecurity services. In addition, our team is also ready to help you with the creation of AI-generated art.

Twixsoft also covers predictive maintenance for jet engines, heavy equipment, airplanes, helicopters, trucks and so on. We fully believe that AI has the potential to change our society and improve it in miraculous ways. All we have to do is to make the most out of it and use it at the right level. We even program and work with autonomous drones to make it easy for companies to deliver their products.

As you can see, Twixsoft brings you comprehensive, professional services and we cover a multitude of industries as well. We firmly believe in the power of AI and we do everything in our power to offer you the best assistance and support on the market. All you have to do is to get in touch and we will gladly help. We provide affordable prices and custom packages according to the customer requirements, so get in touch today and let’s get started on your project!


Sky Labs is responsible for developing aircraft predictive maintenance, unmanned flying aircraft, and autonomous flying drones. Predictive analytics and fault diagnostics of high-value engineering systems often involve processing of real-time sensor data to deduct impeding or hidden problems within the underlying system. To achieve this, it is necessary to condition the data from sensors and thereafter combine it with prior acquired-data-knowledge of the system in order to create useful insights. The benefits of such analytics include abilities to prevent costly failures and to generate cost-effective scheduling of maintenance cycles. To implement such a system, it is necessary to create a setup that can effectively enable data capture, data conditioning, secure transmission, database storage and execute real-time data analytics algorithms.


Ocean labs is developing solutions for the marine and shipping industry. These solutions will provide tools for autonomous ship navigation and man-over-board detections system. Autonomous shipping presents many challenges. Disparate visual and positional sensor data must be detected, processed, and analyzed at the edge, all in real-time. With shipping, the data from these sensors are at a greater scale than in other autonomous vehicle applications. For example, LIDAR sensors in shipping vessels must detect objects from several kilometers away, often in difficult weather conditions. Shipping vessels also need cameras with far-higher pixel count to see objects in, on, and over the water at distances of several kilometers, which means that large digital images must be processed with great detail. In addition, shipping vessels need to be outfitted with thermal, radar, and other sensors, data from the multitude of sensors need to be fused together in order to read the environment. These sensors can produce enormous amounts of data – as much as 1TB of data per day, per vessel, about the same digital footprint as 250 high-definition feature-length movies


Earth labs is developing tools that will be used in agriculture and green energy. There are many areas of agriculture and green energy that AI will have the potential to revolutionize. AI-powered tools for agriculture and green energy will be able to make more intelligent decisions.


Body Labs is developing solutions to augment doctors ability to detect cancer and illness with higher accuracy.


The first element distinguishing a well-prepared company is the presence of a brand code. Now you can create a company's DNA and understand how your product or service is useful to the consumer. A quality brand code makes it possible to answer the main questions, and help you grow as a business. What's included: Mission/business scope; Vision; Value propositions; Slogan; Style; Targeting; Product/usefulness; After this stage begins market segmentation by the 6W method which allows you to see who will be your customers and how you can provide your services/benefits to them. And, in the context of fund-raising, the availability of ready-made brand code will allow investors, as well as your team, get a clear vision on what the service/product is all about. On the other hand, it helps to understand where the weakest and most vulnerable places of the startup are. The results will save you a lot of money during the marketing campaign and will save time for your team at every stage of business development.

Cost: $7495

Delivery: two weeks

1-hour consultation

Cost: $495


Artificial Intelligence

Twixsoft aims to develop, test, and deploy AI-powered applications faster with high-quality. We are a leading AI developer with an interactive and engaging approach to AI-driven solutions. Our technology implementation is geared towards producing results that matter to both clients and intended users. Schedule your consultation to see how your company can benefit from Twixsoft expertise.

Deep learning

We work with a network of 35+ Ph.D. level Data Scientists experienced working with various algorithms and DATA Science techniques. Deep Learning is the DATA Science technique which has immense potential to generate unprecedented insights from your data. At DATA LABS, we are very passionate about Deep Learning and we can help you experience the benefits of Deep Learning for your business and we can advise you on your current or next Data project.

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